Eisner Health receives $32,000 from the Hundley Foundation to Help New and Seasoned Fathers

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Thanks to a gift from The Hundley Foundation, beginning in March 2022, Eisner Health, is launching a free online course in Spanish and English to new and seasoned fathers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Being a father is not an easy task, especially when you did not have a strong male father figure.

Being a father is not an easy task, especially when you did not have a strong male father figure,” explains Brett Hundley, NFL quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and founder of the Hundley Foundation. “This course, which is a follow up of the Daddy Bootcamp, seeks to provide fathers information, discussion opportunities and support in their quest to become better parents through communication skills, community resources and deep understanding of their and their kids’ emotional needs. This program is deeply rooted in our foundation’s dedication to improving the lives of children and families in need, through initiatives in epilepsy education, wellness and mentorship”.

The Hundley Foundation Fatherhood Program is a free and confidential program is to fathers of children of all ages. The 90-minute weekly classes guide participants through the national evidence-based Nurturing Fathers curriculum. Each session is led by a program facilitator trained by the Good+Foundation.

“The Good+Foundation, with their commitment to supporting fatherhood programs throughout the nation, supported our efforts to structure our curriculum, train our facilitators, and share best practices, “adds Warren Brodine, President + CEO of Eisner Health. “We are extremely grateful and welcome the Hundley Foundation joining our team to improve the lives of community, our families, and our fathers.”

To learn more about the Hundley Foundation Fatherhood Program at Eisner Health, please visit: eisnerhealth.org/fatherhood-programs

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