We believe every child and family is stronger when they have the tools to succeed. We value our role as encourager and partner providing resources for children and families as they move through their journey knowing that with the Hundley Foundation, they are never alone.

We boldly embrace the challenge before us, and we give 100% of ourselves to this mission.
We believe it is our privilege to listen to all perspectives and invite individuals with all ability levels to participate in an environment of acceptance and belonging.
We believe that the community is our family, and we celebrate diversity. We will make the greatest impact by working together with friends from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Hundley Foundation's Four Pillars


Support and empower children and families impacted by epilepsy.

Mentorship & Education

Empower disenfranchised communities through mentorship education and financial support. 

Give Back

Giving back to communities in need and those who serve them. 

Public Awareness

Growing public awareness in communities.