Danielle Marano


Danielle Marano has been involved in the nonprofit field for over twelve years. Most recently in her past role as the CEO of the Hundley Foundation. Danielle joined the Hundley Foundation in January of 2021 and immediately went to work on expanding the capacity of the foundation. Under her leadership many new programs and initiatives were created and implemented. In July 2022 Danielle transitioned from her role of CEO to President of the Board of Directors.

Danielle’s work in the epilepsy field is extremely personal to her as she is an individual living with Epilepsy. Danielle was diagnosed with Generalized epilepsy at age thirteen. For over ten years she struggled to gain seizure control. After many failed medications, her team of doctors finally found a combination that worked to control her seizures. While living with epilepsy created its challenges, Danielle graduated College with a degree in Business Management and married her high school sweetheart. She is a mother to an amazing ten-year-old boy that keeps her very busy. Danielle’s motto has always been “if the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal.” Seizures are never predictable and just when you think you have the right plan a seizure changes everything. We all must work together and never take our eyes off the goal.